20 December 2010

Bridesmaid Pretties

If my emotions had an ass (asses?), it would have been kicked pretty badly by now.

Immediate family drama has made my past week and a half extremely unpleasant. To remind myself that I should be in blissful newly-engaged-land, I am going to temporarily distract myself with some bridesmaid pretties.

I am in love love love with this dress design by Louise, etsian shop owner of sohomode.


Everything about it, I love. And I love the fact that the seller has a link to her blog, where you can check out her latest vintage fabric options for your custom dress. This one, in particular, though is pretty perky. The pretty pinks with a bit of blue make me happy. So feminine yet so... covered up. What a nice balance.

She even has a listing for bridesmaids in particular. Don't you just love the styling in this picture? Makes me want to ask my girls to wear cowboy boots. And how lovely would it be if each lady got to pick her own fabric?

I checked out the photographer credited (lydiajane.com), and she's local! Too bad she's out of our budget!

At $130 a dress ($120 for the "ready to ship" dresses such as the first in this post), it's not a terrible price for a bridesmaid dress. But then I quickly - and easily - remind myself that I never wanted to say anything like "for a bridesmaid dress". What a WICked thing to think. I (or my ladies) shouldn't have to pay more because it's a bridesmaid dress. So ridiculous.

So while I love these by Louise, I may have to forgo them for a much more affordable style (or styles) by ModCloth. Even if I don't go with Louise's dresses, I still like the idea of picking a few different floral dresses in different styles, and I definitely think I could pull that off shopping there.

And who knows? Maybe I could splurge on a custom made dress from Louise for our rehearsal dinner?

Ahh, that was nice. Dresses always make me happy!


In a Bra La La update, I called late last week and requested the manager to see if we could work something out so that I could get some of my money back for my purchase and return. Turns out the NICE LADY was the manager! I guess niceness doesn't do much for common sense. You'd think she would have mentioned their return policy to me as she checked me out. Oh well. At least I got $95 back.

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