26 April 2011

Hair Indecision

I have scheduled my hair and makeup trial for this week at a place I’ve never been. It makes me a little nervous, but I didn’t have many options.

I tried using a contact from a friend for makeup, but she’s attending a wedding on June 11th.

Then I tried using a hair and makeup team I found that comes to your house or venue, but they were booked that day, too.

Luckily I found a shop about 7 minutes away that will do our hair and makeup, and their pricing is the cheapest I’ve found. I’ll take cheap if I only have to drive 7 minutes each way.

Now I’m stumbling over what type of hair style to choose. My first inclination is to go with a side bun. A bit messy, nothing too smooth or perfect, like these:

What I don't want when it comes to the side ponytail:

It's a bit too, well, bridal for my taste. Too prommy or something.

Yet my stepmom and mom are encouraging me to leave my hair down. Appealing, since I'd like the feel to be casual to compliment our backyard wedding, but what if it's humid? What if I get hot? What if I need my hair wrangled? And part of me thinks that I don't need to be casual just because our wedding is a bit on the casual side because - hey - I'm the bride.

So then I moved on to consider a side ponytail. It can look a bit dressier while containing my hair and still looking somewhat 'down'. My only fear? Looking like a country music star:

I hate that roll thing in the front. Eeek.

This is actually probably exactly what I want (oh, Keri Russell, how I love you. It's meant to be):


Except I'd probably have the part on the same side as the ponytail. And while my hair isn't nearly as curly as hers naturally, I do think that our hair is probably about the same texture.

This is nice, too. The volume is a little much but then again I think you need some volume to make it look done as opposed to I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-I-love-the-eighties.

I think my favorites are the first side bun, the Keri Russell hair, and the Katie Holmes hair. Any input from you?

Where my WB girls at?

1 comment:

Jess said...

Ok well 1) you would look fabulous in any of those

but my vote is the messy side bun.

It's going to be June and outside! You will most definitely be hot and sticky, and because you're like I am and don't like sweaty hair on your neck, I say just play it safe and keep it up. Plus I love the asymmetry, it will go great with your dress. That's my two cents!